Mining & Energy Law


C&M Advocates is advising clients on all aspects of renewable and clean energy technologies, which include wind, solar, biomass and bio fuels, waste hydro generation, and carbon credit trading.

Our firm maintains a team of lawyers who are specialised in mining & energy law who have advised various companies on matters relating to mining & energy law in Tanzania.

The firm’s mining law practice covers the entire mining ventures in Tanzania. We advise large corporations and newly formed mining companies on the matters relating to obtainment of various mining licenses and mining leases.

Our legal advisory team also covers operational issues compliant with regulatory provisions. Over the years we have been assisting clients on the entire legal framework to successfully navigate the Tanzanian lucrative mining sector and tap from the abundant mineral resources in Tanzania.

As a committed mining & energy law firm in Tanzania, it is our responsibility to ensure all our clients are properly guided and advised on all energy matters in Tanzania.

Specific Energy, Power & Mining Law areas we specialize in:

  • Renewable Energy, which includes wind, solar, hydro
  • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • Project Structuring, Takeoff and related power agreements
  • Solid Minerals
  • Mining Leases
  • Mining Licenses
  • Mineral Resources Export Permit
  • Environmental and pollution issues
  • Consideration of relevant statutory regimes
  • Disputes Management and Litigation

Our Services:

  • Advising on issues pertaining to power generation, transmission, and distribution
  • Advising on project financing, structuring and joint venture
  • Processing of mining licenses and leases
  • Processing of mineral resources export permit
  • Advising of relevant statutes and regulations on power and mining projects
  • Interfacing with regulatory authorities on issues pertaining to environmental pollution and compliance
  • Engaging in disputes settlement and litigation to address the complicated issues and challenges facing the industry participants