Debt Recovery & Restructuring

At C&M Advocates, we frequently engage in debt recovery. Our debt recovery lawyers have expertise in this area and understand the crippling effect trapped funds have on any business.

Debt recovery is no doubt a critical aspect of legal practice that requires different strategies. Our debt recovery lawyers have assisted various entities, especially companies successfully recovered various debts.

Our firm has the expertise required to successfully prosecute recovery of debt in Tanzania and does not hesitate to advise clients if recovery has already hit a dead end.

Frequently, our firm also engages in assisting companies and individuals to negotiate debt restructuring and debt reliefs with either financial institutions or non-financial institution creditors. Our firm maintains competent insolvency lawyers in Tanzania, advising companies on debt restructuring and bankruptcy matters.

We have assisted both local and foreign companies to aggressively map out debt recovery and restructuring strategies in Tanzania.

Our debt recovery practice also cuts across several areas of law, which include labour law, maritime law, real estate law among others.

Our Services:

  • Debt recovery negotiations with debtors
  • Assisting in drafting and reviewing debt agreements
  • Advising on debt restructuring or repayment schedule and concessions
  • Instituting debt recovery actions on behalf of clients
  • Instituting enforcement actions on both local and foreign debt orders
  • Advising on out of Court settlement negotiations
  • International debt recovery advisory