About C&M Advocates

Firm Overview

C&M Advocates is a Law firm duly registered and licensed to carry out and or provide various legal services in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Firm was established in 2004 and is located within the heart of Dar es Salaam CBD which is the major commercial city in Tanzania. The firm aims to provide quality legal services useful to corporate, small enterprises, civil societies and the business community at large.

C&M Advocates is focused at providing its legal expertise in areas of Corporate & Commercial, Banking and Finance, Conveyance, Oil & Gas, Insurance, Employment & Labour Laws. The services range from provision of legal advice in the areas of practice, drafting legal documents and attending to client matters by engaging with government authorities and/or companies and other related issues etc. The Firm also represents it's clients in Litigation.


C & M Advocates provides business support services to foreign investors in Tanzania through linking them with appropriate Government departments and regulatory bodies. The firm has advised and represented some of the largest corporations in Tanzania.

The focus of C & M Advocates is to assist local and foreign investors in illuminating the legal environment under which their investments are subjected or will be subjected to in Tanzania. The firm understands and believes that familiarity with the legal framework is an important element to the success of modern business. The need to understand legal framework is becoming even more important with growing international trade. We work closely with business owners and in-house legal departments in generating appropriate legal strategy.

The guiding principles for the firm's operations is profound commitment to superior performance. At C & M Advocates, we value our clients and we are committed to delivering business-oriented solutions to their problems. At C & M Advocates, there is no such thing as an "off-the-shelf" solution to the needed of the clients. Since every client's needs are different, we tailor the services to suit the needs of each client. The main secret of our success is our determination and ability to satisfy the needs of our clients through giving them top quality services during this era of globalization and rapid financial and technological change.